A new approach to
real-estate transactions

“The only fence against the world
is a thorough knowledge of it.””

John Locke

About us

The real-estate agency Altea is a specialist in the national and international luxury property markets and in property development: we have built on years of experience in this field – rethinking tools, improving solutions, building relationships in order to achieve new and more efficient results.
We put a full-service platform at the service of our most demanding customers, providing essential information and resources through which we develop the best sales and purchasing strategies.
Our choice to work with discerning customers stems from our eagerness to face demanding and exciting challenges and from our international perspective: conception of a high-quality real-estate market. A market that reinvents itself and transcends national borders, where the interest in luxury properties has never decreased.

What makes Altea the ideal choice for your needs?

We are authoritative, innovative and forward-looking. Altea has completely reinvented the modern professional approach to doing real-estate business. Our bold, creative, versatile philosophy is the inspiring result of our founder’s personal expertise in the marketing management arena. Altea has analyzed and rethought, transformed and redefined the standards of the professional 21st-century realtor, re-emphasizing the core values of professionalism, ethics, excellence and unique customer care.


Dott. Tiziano Spagnuolo founder


Tiziano Spagnuolo
Altea Real Estate
Altea You Finder

P.IVA: IT01915570939


ITALIA – Via Mazzini, 2
33077 Sacile (PN)


AUSTRIA – Siezenheimer Str.35
5020 Salzburg


Registered in the Special Register (formerly Role of Mediators) of
Pordenone Chamber of Commerce REA PN-101038