The real-estate agency Altea is a specialist in the national and international luxury property markets and in property development: we have built on years of experience in this field – rethinking tools, improving solutions, building relationships in order to achieve new and more efficient results.

Our full-service platform can provide our most demanding customers with essential information and resources through which we are able to develop the best sale and purchasing strategies. Our choice to work with discerning customers stems from our eagerness to face demanding and  exciting challenges and from our international perspective, not only in terms of operational standards but also of conception of a high-quality real-estate market. A market that reinvents itself and transcends national borders, where the interest in luxury properties has never decreased.


Altea & Partners – in a fast-changing market which requires skilled managers to predict its trends and face its increasing complexity – deploys the most innovative marketing strategies throughout the entire process of a real estate transaction, be it for the hospitality industry or for other different branches (residential, commercial).


A property finder is an exclusive personal consultant, an authorized professional under Italian Law 38/89 with long, proven experience. They specialize in finding properties for clients who may not have the time or inclination to look for a property on their own. Property finders have in-depth professional knowledge of what the market can offer at any given moment; they pick the opportunities that best fit their clients’ requirements, as they are ideally placed to interpret their client’s needs and understand what they really want.


Our innovative services are based on our strong network of contacts, professionals and talent. We communicate differently.
We don’t just wait for buyers; we go out and look for them, then we make sure that everything goes smoothly right through to signing the contract.


One project, one team, one common goal: excellence at all costs.

Are you a reale-estate agent? Are you a professional architect, accountant, lawyer, interior designer, surveyor, retail manager etc.? Are you a company or institution? Are you a private citizen? Are you a property search agent?

Join our open and free international project and share and collaborate with us in order to:

strengthen our international network of stakeholders;
get to the source of the information before everyone else;
wisely analyse, process and share it;
increase the whole group’s value through every individual value.


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