The real-estate sector’s future depends on its ability to implement new strategies devised through concrete, polished, proven management skill: that is the only way to compete with the big fish worldwide. Otherwise, the existing property stock is at risk of depreciation, which demands, more than ever before, new forms of communication and, in some cases, a major overhaul.


“Be where the world is going”


Another great advantage of working exclusively with Altea is the chance to exploit our network of contacts in the international market. We apply the same recipe on a different horizon – from local to global. We have a team of multidisciplinary experts focused on internationalizing properties for sale or rent.

Entering the international market is a positive strategic move: many foreign buyers have a substantial budget and an interest in investing in high-quality properties in Italy, particularly in breathtaking urban or rural settings.
What makes the difference is not the property itself but the connection with the area and its art, history and cuisine: those who buy in Italy want much more than a luxury second home in the sun. They want a welcoming atmosphere; they want to be swept away by the beauty and flavor and character of it all.
We have the experience to satisfy these expectations in style.
Italy attracts potential investors from all over the globe: Britain, France, America and Germany have been eyeing up our real-estate market for years, joined more recently by China, India, the United Arab Emirates and many other countries with specific interests that go beyond tourism.

How can Altea find a foreign buyer for your property?

First, we perform a full property valuation. This allows us to develop a sale plan in agreement with you, based on criteria such as specific foreign markets’ interest in that type of property (statistically measured), the proximity to international airports, or especially favorable exchange rates.
Once the geographical targets have been chosen, we use a wide range of international agencies and portals to showcase the property. We put heart and soul, originality and high technology into presenting it, with photo layouts in the style of the fashionable magazines, aerial views and beautiful pictures of the surroundings.
We break down language barriers. Copy, brochures and professional videoclips are always in English and in the language of the target market.
Similarly, we communicate directly with our clients in English and in other languages – one of our partners is the Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators at the University of Trieste.
We want our potential buyers to feel at ease. We provide all the information they might need, when they need it, about the property or any technical, legal, tax or contractual matters. Trusted intermediaries provide their professional expertise during property surveys. Finally, clients receive targeted regular feedback to monitor our sales strategies and track progress and results.
Altea sells not only houses but also any plots of land and commercial properties and offices that you may have overseas.


“Today it’s important to be present, be relevant and add value”.


Every Altea customer has an advisor whose expertise goes beyond the skills of a typical realtor or counselor. Their role is to find concrete solutions and work with a wide network of experts to iron out any problems.

We always start with a preliminary mandate, establishing the budget, timescales and search criteria based on specific instructions, working with our client to develop a clear picture of the property they wish to buy. The mandate is linked to these criteria until it expires. We then analyze all offers matching the mandate criteria by consulting a wide network bringing information updated daily.
Once the property has been chosen, a file is created with all the essential information, including technical details and an assessment of the property’s merits (including a meticulous due diligence).

The views expressed are impartial (those who carry out the surveys and valuations have no interest in the property) and authoritative (the surveys and valuations are certified by specialist experts). These documents provide more than just general information; they also demonstrate that the plans and the documentation held at the real-estate registry (and the various responsible offices) reflects the property’s actual condition.
We provide full legal and tax advice, from negotiation through to purchase.
Altea also specializes in property searches through auctions
, which offer many opportunities but can also be fraught with pitfalls; our expert advice offers an invaluable guide.


“Today it’s important to be present, be relevant and add value”.


Renovating a property means more than just restoring a few rooms, replacing some furniture or doing a green retrofit. It also entails working on the local infrastructure or rationalizing costs through new forms of community cooperation. Altea can liaise with and coordinate all the relevant experts, so that your property can benefit from the many local opportunities and available services.
Redevelopment: we provide and coordinate architects, interior designers, and all the other experts (restorers, electricians, plumbers, maintenance technicians, etc.) needed to restructure and modernize a property.
Our partners include experts in new technologies, especially home automation and systems, enabling a property to be partly or entirely self-sufficient in energy. We also issue all related certificates and provide tax advice on all installations.

Home staging: People generally choose to buy a house during their first visit, shortly after stepping inside; it’s a kind of “love at first sight”. Our experts can change the look of a property for sale (even by simply changing the décor through small, targeted alterations) and enhance its most attractive features, to make the best first impression on potential buyers.
You can also redevelop your entire apartment building or specific urban areas: the many social projects can exploit existing resources and enhance the quality of life in your living space. Altea works in partnership with trade associations and public bodies to coordinate and complete custom projects of any scope to meet your needs.


We contribute to the design of the property to be built, through market research to provide designers with key strategic information (e.g. competitor analysis, social and demographic research on the area where you intend to build, and an assessment of the infrastructure in place and what is missing). This commercial consultation complements legal advice on planning permission, notifications, technical feasibility studies, and more.


We can plan and implement retail projects anywhere in Europe.


Altea and its partners can analyze market needs and find potential investors to finance projects through public-private partnerships.


Altea helps clients to choose from the wide array of properties to buy, sell or rent in tourist settings. Our consultancy and intermediary services play a pivotal role, particularly for properties abroad, as knowledge of the country’s language and law is also required.